Architectural Design

Wardell Architecture's staff has long-standing success in the design of retail, foodservice, restaurants, churches, mid-century modern homes and other building types.

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Interior Design

Looking for that wow factor in your reception area or just want to make your friends jealous of your kitchen?  Whatever your goals, we are ready to help you achieve the interior of your dreams.

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Quality Production

Our design services are supported by documentation that goes a little further than the norm.  We include the necessary details to ensure your contractor understands your high expectations.

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Quality Design Within Reach

At Wardell Architecture we know that you care about the quality of your workplace and home.  We have dedicated our careers to the love and pursuit of quality craftsmanship within the architectural field.

We believe that projects of any scale can, and should, incorporate great design.  Wardell applies this philosophy to all aspects of our practice from letterhead through documentation.  Seeing quality design makes us feel good and we believe it makes the world a little better too.

We would be excited to bring you along on our design journey and are always on the lookout for new challenges.  We are happy to contribute our experience and expertise to make your next project great.  When you think of quality design, think of Wardell Architecture.


Next Steps...

Just starting to think of your project or ready to get started?  Wardell Architecture is happy to talk to you.  We offer a free phone consultation to all prospective clients.